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Folk Art

      What is “Folk Art”? A simple question with a complicated answer. "Folk art" is mostly utilitarian or decorative art created by a social class of peasants, artisans, and tradespeople who live in rural areas of civilized that was not highly industrialized. It also encompasses nomadic groups like gypsies. The term "Folk Art" may also encompass art produced by ethnic minorities in more developed societies, who have succeeded in preserving their beliefs and customs by living in separate communities apart from the mainstream like the Amish communities. The acceptance of "Folk Art" as a special category did not happen until the late 19th century, and was first confined to European peasant art. In most cases, the art items are handcrafted with traditional tools. Although the word “Art” is in the title, it is not like the art you have hanging on the wall in your home. “Folk Art” really is something that is in the eye of the beholder in most cases. Folk Art can mean things like paintings, sculpture, basketry, toys, clothing and much more. "Folk Art" tends to be made using natural substances like wood, straw, clay and so on. It would be produced typically by untrained often anonymous artists with varying degrees of skill with highly decorative design, bright bold colors, flattened perspective, strong forms in simple arrangements.


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