Sales of space heaters are sizzling as millions of homeowners want to lower their heating cost  in a time of soaring utility bills. Portable heaters also called space heaters, can provide a supplemental warmth inside your home where central heat may not have being installed, like the garage. Portable heaters also can increase energy efficiency by allowing you to maintain a lower thermostat setting in your home. There are four main types of portable heaters and they are:
  • Convection heaters, which are the most energy-efficient choice for heating large, frequently used living areas for short periods.
  • Fan-Forced Ceramic heaters provide warm air that can be easily directed for focusing warmth where needed.
  • Radiant heaters also known as reflective heaters, generate heat by directing infrared rays to warm up objects.
  • Panel heaters combine the processes of convection and radiant heat, which heat evenly throughout a room, without a fans.