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About Us



      Welcome! My name is Glenn Wilde and I am the developer, designer, CEO, and owner of Great Deals Webstore. I have been an entrepreneur for most of my working career. I enjoy providing services and products to the public to meet their needs for everyday life. Because of medical reasons and the economy downfall, forced my last business to close after 25 years of service to the public. At which time I started work on Great Deals Webstore in April of 2014, and publish the store to the internet for the first time in May of 2015. I am excited to know you and work with you by providing you with new and exciting products.

     One section of the store I am most excited about is the Antique section.  I have worked with Antiques from my teen years to this date, which is over 50 year. Antiques are a part of history and this part of history I enjoy, bringing you my discoveries and putting them into the web store. I love to talk about Antiques and love finding the hidden Antique. I could talk about Antiques for hours however; I want to tell you about Great Deals Webstore’s mission.

     Many web stores online sell the some new items that we have in the store. (Other than antiques) The competition in this area is numerous and our prices for the new items we have in the store are equal to or lower than our competitors. Therefore, Great Deals Webstore is not about the products we are selling, but it is about you, trust, and committed to providing good service to you. Do you go to the same supermarket because they have something that is not in any of the other supermarkets? No. You go to that supermarket because you trust them. They are in a convent location for you, and you like the good service and the employee. Here at Great Deals Webstore we want to develop the same relationship with you. We want you to bookmark us for your convent, and hope you are pleased with the service we are providing.

     Great Deals Webstore wants to earn your loyalty with honesty and commitment to providing you with the best service that we can. You may be saying that all the other web store say the something, that is true however some of our competition are just saying that to get you to enter their store. Great Deals Webstore is not just saying it we want to prove it to you. You have no reason to believe us, which it true. We understand that. To help you believe us, we open the store to you with an account sign up, no sales pressure, and no personal information from you for just looking around.

     We are adding new things to the store on a regular basis and sometimes on a daily basis. The Antique section is still our favorite section and it is still being developed however, we plan to have over a 100 items for your viewing enjoyment, and if you like something, it is for sell. So come on in and look around see what we have to offer. If you do not like the store or the things we have for sell or you do not like us that is fine also. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you what we are about. We hope you enjoyed yourself in the store and want you to have a very good day.

Y’ll come back now real soon!