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Antique and Collecetibles Retrun Policy


     Great Deals Webstore, GDWstore, or GDW are all the some company and not three separate companies, websites, domain name, or web stores. We reserve the right to use Great Deals Webstore, GDWstore, or GDW interchangeable at any time at our discretion

  • Throughout this policy, the terms “we, us, and ourselves refer to Great Deals Webstore, GDWstore, GDW
  • The terms “our affiliates” refers to the many “Manufacturers, Fulfillment Companies, Warehouses, Venders, or Suppliers” that GDWstore works with to provide the merchandise you see in the store
  • The words “You, Customer, Purchaser, Receiver, Buyer, or Client” refer to you, when you are in the store looking around or buying items
  • The words “Merchandise, Products, Item, or Items” refers to the things that are in the store for sale to the public
  • The words “Shipper, Service, Carrier, Oversized Shippers, Freightliners, or Trucking Service” refers to the companies that transport the merchandise to its final destination from its starting location
     Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We have set specific guidelines to ensure a quick and hassle-free return of merchandise for a replacements, refund, or exchange. When you first get your package, please inspect your order immediately upon arrival. Do not dispose of the box or any packaging materials, this also includes the original manufacturer packaging material, until you have inspected your order and are completely satisfied with the merchandise that you have purchase from GDWstore.
      Access to and use of GDWstore and the products that are available through the Website will be subject to all of the terms in all policies. Access to this Website is on a temporary basis. By using the services, you are agreeing to all of the terms in all of the policies relating to this webstore and websites. You should check back on all of the polities on a regular basis to take notice of any changes we may have made to the policies. GDWstore reserves the right to update this policy at any time. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend these policies without notice. We will not be liable for any reasons if this Website is unavailable at any time. From time to time, we may restrict access to some parts or the entire Website for upgrades, upload, update, maintenance, etc. GDWstore register domain name is, which is registered through at: and the store is powered by You can find the store at, and GDW is a privately owned company.  


     The antiques and collectibles merchandise in the store are old, they have been use by one or more people throughout the decades. There are no replacements for these items in most cases. Exchanging antique or collectable merchandise for some other merchandise in the store will not be done. These are old used item from the past and most of them have some kind of damage done to them throughout the years. This merchandise will have damages, wear, wear patterns, and/or other problems of some kind, most of the time. To buy the antiques and collectibles merchandise, have it shipped so the customer can just look at the merchandise, and then want to return the merchandise is not a sufficient reason for wanting to return the antiques and collectible. Every antiques and collectibles item for sale has a description of the merchandise, which points out the damage or damages on that antique or collectible item and the photos show the damage areas on the antique and collectible merchandise. (If the damages will show-up in a photo) GDWstore keeps records and photos on the entire antique and collectible inventory that is in the store. This is for displaying the merchandise and for future reference in case merchandise is returned for any reason. All photos have been cropped to get the best photo image for displaying the merchandise in the store. I recommend before buying the merchandise, you read the description carefully and look at the photo closely. The photos are digital created and can be blown-up, for a closer and clear look at the merchandise in fine detail.


     Our return policies last for 30 days on all purchases. If 30 days has gone by from the deliver day, you received the merchandise; unfortunately, we cannot offer you a refund or exchange. For delivered merchandise, that involves “buyer remorse” GDWstore will accept all requests that are submitted to GDWstore for approval. All returns must be pre-authorized or preapproved before returning the merchandise, which can be done by contacting GDWstore at: or at: within the first five days from the delivery date you received the merchandise at your location and requesting a “Return Authorization Form.” Full out the form, keep a copy for your record and email a copy to Great Deals Webstore at at which time Great Deals Webstore will review the return authorization form. If the reason for returning the merchandise meets the guidelines that are, stated in this policy then GDWstore will send you an address to send the merchandise. Failure to contact GDWstore first before returning merchandise may result in the rejection of your return request or it may take longer to process you request.


     In most cases, there is No Exchanges or Replacement for antiques or collectibles that is in GDWstore. If you thinks that the antique or collectable is damage more then what was described in the discerption then contact GDWstore at: There are no exchanges or replacement for antiques or collectable merchandise in most case, for the main reason these items may be the only one of a kind in the store. Look very closely at the pictures of the merchandise you are thinking about buying and read the merchandises description for details about the merchandise. The merchandises discerption will disclose any damages on the merchandise and the pictures will show the damages. (If the damages can be seen on the pictures) Think about the antique or collectable merchandise very carefully before buying the merchandise. In most cases, sales are final, you are buying AS IS,” the older the antique or collectable merchandise is the greater chances for damage to happen.

Non-Returnable Merchandise

     Antiques and collectable merchandise are, sold “AS IS.” The description and picture show and tell about what damages that may be on that antiques and collectable items. The description and picture are accurate and detailed information for that merchandise you are looking at. 
Will not accept returns for the following reasons:
  • They are antiques and collectable items not new in most cases there is no returns buy AS IS
  • Items that are classified as hazardous materials like flammable liquids, chemicals, drugs, gases, etc.
  • Items with special shipping restrictions imposed by U.S. Department of Transportation
  • If it is paper products like; newspapers, maps, magazines, or some books
  • Contact not made with GDWstore requesting a “Return Authorization Form”
  • If the reason for wanting to return an merchandise are superficial flaws beyond GDWstore control
  • If there is, damaged or missing parts for some reason that is not due to GDWstore error
  • Shipping, fees, and assembly charges are non-refundable
  • Order that are shipped outside of the continental U.S.
To complete your return, we require you contact us first before returning the merchandise.

Reasons for Approval Denied

     There are certain conditions in which the merchandise will not be approved for a returns, and/or refunds.
Some of the reasons are, by not limited:
  1. Contact was not made with GDWstore within the first five days from delivery date, requesting a “Return Authorization Form”
  2. The merchandise that is being return was not received by GDWstore within the 15-day timeline
  3. If the merchandise, being returned did not have shipping insurance and was damage or lost in transit
  4. If the reason for wanting to return merchandise is superficial flaws, beyond GDWstore’s control like:
    1. The wrong color
    2. The wrong size
    3. The wrong weight
    4. The wrong shape
    5. The wrong etc. and so on
  5. No refund for things like old electronics items like Radios, Test Equipment, testers, lights, power supply, etc.
Any other reason for returning the merchandise will be determine on a case-by-case bases.

 Return Timeline

     You have five days to contact GDWstore by email at to request a “Return Authorization Form” to return the merchandise for an exchange, replacement, or refund. (If possible) After contacting GDWstore by email with a return request, you will receive an email with the “Return Authorization Form” with directions on how to fill out the form for returning the merchandise back to GDWstore, at which time you will have fifteen days to return the merchandise. This fifteen-day timeline limitation includes shipping time. (See chart below for estimated shipping times) If the third-party services or carrier is slow at delivering the merchandise back to GDWstore, do to shipping problems, busy holiday season, because of remote locations, or due to extreme weather conditions, you may be eligible for an timeline extension. If a timeline extension is, granted, it will be added to the timeline limitation, which is a ten-day extension. (Only one extension per return) To determine if an extension is needed, it will be determine by the date and time on the shipping label or online at the shipping services or carrier’s website for tracking information.

Here is the return timeline schedule:
  • Five days to contact Great Deals Webstore to request a “Return Authorization Form”
  • Three days to return the” Return Authorization Form” for review at:
  • Fifteen days to repackage the merchandise for shipping with the “Return Merchandise Form” in the box, ship the merchandise. (this is not fifteen business days)
  • Third-party carrier is slow, do to shipping problems, busy holiday season, because of remote locations, or due to extreme weather conditions, you could be granted a ten day extenuation (this is not ten business days)





5-7 business days

3-5 business days

2 business days

1 business day

Returning Merchandise

     The buyer will not be reimbursed for any shipping cost, fees, or charges, which is needed to ship the merchandise to the buyer or back to GDWstore. The antique or collectable merchandise that is being returned back to GDWstore is rejected for any reason; the cost for shipping the merchandise back to the customer will be paid for by the customer. All returning shipments must have a return authorization form in the box at the time Great Deals Webstore receive the package. When GDWstore received the merchandise, the merchandise will be inspected for any damage or missing parts before the return request can be processed. Damages or missing parts will be determined by reading the description and looking at the photos that was on the descriptions page for that merchandise. Merchandise must be in its original condition with the original packaging material. This also includes the original manufacturer packaging material if the antique or collectable merchandise were, sold with the original manufacturer packaging material. Merchandise that is returned without the original manufactures packaging, will be charged a 20% handling fee along with the 20% restocking fee. If the customer in any way has abuse the returning merchandise it will be either returned to the customer at customer expense or charged an auction resale fee of 35%. If the antique or collectable was, sold with the manufacturer original packaging material, returned without the manufacturer original packaging material or the original packaging material is damage more, there will be no refund, exchange, or replacement. There is no refund, exchange, or replacement if the merchandise is, damaged or lost in transit from the customer to GDWstore. Failure to request a return authorization form may result in the rejection of your return. 


     Too refused to accept a package that is being delivered, the customer will incur a 20% handling fee and a restock fee of 20%, and return shipping charges. In addition, shipping charges are not refundable on refused delivery or any orders. Orders returned to GDWstore by the carrier for insufficient address, incorrect address, and inability to deliver, or for any other under deliverable reason will incur the 20% handling fee plus the 20% restock fee and any return shipping charges. Shipping charges are not refundable on orders returned by the carrier requesting collect on delivery (C O D’s), the customer will be charge for all shipping cost to and from both locations. If undeliverable merchandise is returned and there is no contact from the customer or there is a request from the customer for a refund, exchange, or replacement there will be a 20% restocking fee along with the 20% handling fee. This would total to 40% plus any shipping charges or other charges that was acquired in the transporting of the customers merchandise.


      Returns falling under this category of “buyer remorse” consequently, they will be subject to the 20% handling fee and the 20% restocking fee. This percentage is based on the merchandise’s sale price at the time the customer bought the merchandise; this also includes merchandise that was on sale at the time it was purchased. Once the returning merchandise has been received and inspected by GDWstore, an email will be sent to the customer to notify the customer that we have received your returning merchandise and if the customer has been approval or rejection for a refund. Then you will receive a refund, minus all handling fees, restock fees, and shipping cost. If you have performed all of the requirements in this policy and you are approved for a refund, allow 4 to 5 business days for an initial response to the newly submitted claim that is requesting a refund. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable and all shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Once your merchandise has been process, a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment.

Late or missing refunds

     If you have not received your refund within thirty days from the date that it was issued then contact your bank or credit card company. Great Deals Webstore name will show-up as greatdealswebs, GDWstore, GDW, S*GDWstore or any other combination of the store’s abbreviation. It may take some time before the refund is officially posted in your bank account or Credit Card account. This can take up to 90 days for it to show-up on the statement. Also, contact your bank or Credit Card Company to find out if they have received the funds. Banks reserve the right to hold on to money transaction up to fourteen business days after the date they received the money transaction. There is often some processing time before the refunds is posted. If you have, done all of these things and you still have not received your refund within the thirty days, please contact us at:  and we will work with you to find out where the refund is and fix the problem.

Things to know

    • Check your profile/order center for estimated delivery dates on your orders
    • Items for one order may be shipped in multiple packages
    • Deliveries are not made on weekends or holidays
    • Orders usually arrive within 8-10 days from the order date
    • If the delivery date is inconvenient, contact the shipping carrier or services to see if you can reschedule for a more convenient date and time.
    • If a signature is requires it must be someone that is 18 years or older and living in the household.
    • Deliveries made to the main door of the building, and not to a specific unit, apartment, or suite number.
    • Shipping carriers or services do not setup.

    Contact Information

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    Closed on weekends and Major Holidays
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