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     After being the victim of a break-in it was time to look at security systems. The feeling you get when you walk into your home and find out you have had a unwanted guest is fear. Here is some Myths and Facts about home security and surveillance systems.

Myth 1 = The most effective home security systems are too expensive for the average homeowner.

Myth 2 = The emergency services will never arrive on time and the most they will do is file a report.

Myth 3 = You live in a very safe suburban neighborhood with a low crime rate.

Myth 4 = A guard dog can defend my property before a burglar gets close.

Myth 5 = Insurance should cover any damages or losses in the event of a break-in.

Myth 6 = The best security systems will not work on my home, because they can cut the wires.

Myth 7 = Wireless security systems are garbage, and will not work because I use my internet device frequently.

      Getting past those myths will lead you straight into an even larger world of protection against unwanted criminals. Do not be one-step behind when it comes to dangerous criminals.

Fact 1= Even the most advanced home security systems for your house are affordable.

Fact 2 = How fast emergency services to get to your location depends on where you live.

Fact 3 = Even the safest neighborhoods can be targeted buy criminals, never underestimate a home invader.

Fact 4 = Guard dogs are safe and effective when trained right, but they can often cause false alarms.

Fact 5 = Insurance policies can be expensive to maintain and deductibles are paid by you.

Fact 6 = Some of the best security systems installed in a house are wireless and can be placed in hidden areas.

Fact 7 = Wireless signals travel on a paths separate from your other devices and are able to operate alongside your other devices.

Fact 8 = Guns are only useful If you are properly trained and have gone through a necessary gun safety courses.

      The facts may be easier to swallow if you keep an open mind. Getting past a hurdle of lies can be your first step towards accepting a new means of protection for your property. Do not stake the safety of your family on a myth. Whether it is your home, apartment, business, or vacation home, security is a big concern on everyone's mind these days. There is no better way to protect your property and family than with an home security or surveillance system. Whether you live in a one story home, multiple story home or a town home. There are about 2,000,000 home burglaries each year. Nearly 66 percent of these burglaries are residential break-ins. In addition, homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into. Here at Great Deals Webstore we understand that and have a  product line that will fit everyone’s budget whether it is your home, apartment, small business, vacation home or any another location that needs a security system. Most home security companies offer two security sensors and force you to pay extra for more security. This means unless you spend hundreds of dollars, your home is not protected.

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