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Boxing Gloves for the Nintendo WII


$ 29.98

     The knockout gloves for Wii are perfect for video game brawlers that want to add a touch of reality to their gaming experience. The Mgear boxing gloves is for the Nintendo Wii model: boxinggloveswii.  You can add realism and excitement to the Wii sports boxing game with the Wii boxing gloves. You simply slip in your Wii mote and nun chuck in each glove and you're good to go. With these gloves you get the real-deal feel and work out of being inside a bar-knuckle ruthless fight. The right glove has a pouch on the backside of the hand where the Wii remote fit's; while the left has a sleeve inside the palm for the nun-chuck. There is also an adjustable cloth tie strap located at the wrists so you can tighten to fit the level of your comfort.

Dimensions:  10”x 8.6”x 3.60”H
Weight:  2 lbs.

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