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1940’s 2-Cup Fruit Teapot

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$ 39.95

     Here is a vintage 1940’s 2-cup individual teapot made by Purinton Pottery Company. This little sweetie holds two cups of hot water and is hand painted with an apple one on side and a pear on the other and with stem and dark green leaves on the body of the teapot and on the lid has a brown square with four green spots. It is an unmarked peace and has no porcelain cracks in the glaze finish. This teapot is a little different than the others like it. It looks like it has a manufacture defect on the spout in which it does not come to a point like on the other two-cup teapots do. However, the defect has a glaze finish and seems that it was done at the Purinton Pottery Company at the time of making it. There is one chip on the inside of the lid other than that there is no chips, cracks, nicks, scratches, or stains. It is a very nice piece in excellent condition. In 2004 it was appraised at $50.00 according to the price guild.

Dimensions:  6“ from spout to handle x 4”x 4”H
Weight:  2.13 lbs

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