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1954 Lucky Lager Beer Bottle

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$ 19.95

     Here is a 1954 Lucky Lager beer bottle that is in mint conduction, however, there are some flaws with the label. The Owens-Illinois Glass Company made the bottle in 1954. The brew date on the label is Jan. 24, 1955. The Lucky Lager beer was mainly brewed and sold in the western states. The three codes on the beer bottles followed the typical Owens-Illinois format, with factory code to the left, date to the right, and mold cavity code below the logo. The bottom of this bottle has the number 20, which is Owens-Illinois factory code, the 54 which stands for 1954, the year the bottle was made, and the IH stands for the mold cavity code, and then there is the diamond-circle, which is Owens-Illinois Glass Company logo. An interesting store about this bottle, I had a remolding company and was hire to renovate an old house into a multi-residence rental unit. Removing the bathtub in one of the bathrooms is this beer bottle in the wall. Apparently the workman in 1954 had a beer  then set the bottle in the wall’s framing and put the tub back in place and the bottle sat there for 40+ years until I renovate the house not seen or touch all of those years.

Dimensions:  2.13”x 2.13”x 6.50”H
Weight:  0.56 lbs.
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