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1967 Dr. Pepper Bottle

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$ 10.95

     This is a 1967 Dr. Pepper bottle made by the Liberty Glass Co. The maker’s mark is “LG” which was used from 1955 to 1994. The markings on the bottle’s bottom are the “LG, 67, 445, 11. The “LG” stands for Liberty Glass Co., the 67 is the year it was made, the 445, I think, is the casting mold number and as for the “11” I have no idea what it is for. From the photos, you can see the painted label have some rust damage. There are no cracks, chips. There are some scratches, on the side of the bottle that has the DR. Pepper on it and they are just above the Dr. Pepper, and there are rust stains on the bottles painted labels. Other than that, the bottle is in excellent condition.

Dimensions:  2.25"x 2.25”x 5.75”H
Weight:  3 lbs.

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