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8-Piece Portable Drafting Set

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$ 99.95

     What we have here is an 8-piece drafting interment set that was made in French around the turn of the century. The exact date in which it was made is not known and the company that made it is unknown. The cloth paper with writing on it has a date of 1916 at which time the owner got ink for the set. Though research I did fine a timeline which is between 1900 to 1916. The case shows a lot of wear on the corners however, the wood box’s cloth hinge and the tools are in excellent condition. At some time, the lead holder of the compass looks like someone had taken a knife to it, to trim it down a little. The latch on the boxes is worn and does not catch. What is written on the inside is the person initials his address at that time and G S. the half circle protractor was made by Eagle Pencil Co. and the semicircular protractor no information on it. Compasses are mainly brass with one bone handle and a bone lead container. All parts are in very clean and in usable condition.

Dimensions:  6.50” x 3” x .75”H
Weight:  2.50 lbs.

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