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A Kitchen Prayer Wall Hanging Plate

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$ 34.95

     This is a charming antique ceramic home decor wall hanging plate with a kitchen prayer that was produced by the Victoria Ceramic Co. in Japan. They produced a larger number of prayer plates however, the major of the prayers start the pray title with “My” or “Kitchen”. In my search on this plate, I could not find a copy of this plate anywhere. The different is that this plate starts the kitchen prayer with “A” and not “My”. The pray on this plate could be found. This may seem like a very small different “A” or “My”. When it comes to antiques that little different can make a big different in collectability which can affect the price and demand for the plate. It is a pressed pattern, which was commonly, used for the Kitchen pray plates. There is a foil sticker on the back of the plate, which is hard to read. What is says is, across the top is “Victoria Ceramic” and across the bottom is “Made in Japan” and in the center is a crown. Some of the gold trim was not applied equally on the plate’s scallop edge making it look like it has worn. The gold was hand painted and is under the glazing and the pray and design is machine printed on top of the glazing. There is no chip, cracks, scratches, stains, or wear pattern. It is in excellent mint condition. It was made in or about the 50s.
Dimensions:  8.28”x 8.25”x 1”H
Weight:  0.89 lbs.
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