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Metal Art Jr. Monitor/Printer Stand

Metal Art Jr. Monitor/Printer Stand


$ 29.99

     Strange, but true - not every desk is designed with a computer in mind. The Metal Art Jr. helps your computer fit into your life. It is great for home, office, family workstations, or a game station. Forged from steel it provides a sturdy shelf for your monitor or printer. And there’s space beneath for your keyboard or other office supplies. Its compact base makes it perfect for flat panel monitors and even laptops. The simple curved design and powder-coated finish aren’t meant to match your computer. They help create a balance between the comfortable feel of your home or office and the technical convenience of your computer. In a nutshell, the Metal Art Jr. gives your monitor or laptop a lift and looks good doing it.

Dimensions:  15"x12"x10"H
Weight:  4.53lbs.

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