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Jewelry/Trinket Box w/ Tiara Design

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$ 24.95

     This is an interesting item. It is a item that have many usages, which gives it a long name. However, the descriptive words that are most commonly used for this box are “cigarette box, jewelry box, or trinket boxes.” It is what they call sandwich glass or press glass for the way it was made. This would be by putting hot glass into a form or mold and pressing it into the shape and design pattern. This pattern is named “Tiara” that was produced by the Indiana Glass Company. It has been stated, that it was only produced for one or two years starting in 1970, which was the first year the pattern was used. Not an antique yet, however it is a collectible. It came in ruby red or gold amber. The Tiara line is remembered and collected for the way it was marketed through In-Home parties.

Dimensions: 3.50” x 2.75” x 1.75”H
Weight:  0.11lbs.

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