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Half-mile Hailer Horn PA System

Half-mile Hailer Horn PA System


$ 559.00

     With its half mile range this amazing 50w loudspeaker Horn PA system packs a powerful punch. It’s easy to use controls and lightweight body this system is perfect for police, firemen and rescue teams, sporting events, auctioneers and churches events. It can reaches audiences up to 3,000ft. which will covering the length of a football field. It is a weatherproof reverberate horn speaker which will deliver 108 db sound pressure level over the 450 Hz - 4 kHz audio range. It is a 50w wireless multimedia stereo amplifier with built-in receiver and has a three microphone input and comes with a shoulder strap and a dynamic microphone with 5-ft coiled cord. It is power with a AC adapter S1460 or can be power up to 200 hours with 10 D alkaline batteries or you can purchase a rechargeable S1465 NICD battery pack in which a s1460 battery pack is requires.

Dimensions:  13"x 16"x 11.50"H
Weight:  15.20lbs.

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