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Bayer Aspirin Bottle

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$ 9.00

     Here is a Bayer Aspirin bottle that was produced by the Maryland Glass Co. in 1923. The Maryland Glass Co. produced the bottles for their main customer the Emerson Drug Company, in Baltimore, which needed a reliable source of supply for the large quantities of glass bottles needed. Maryland Glass Co. produced clear glass as well as cobalt glass containers and in time the Maryland Glass Co. specializing in producing all kinds of cobalt blue bottles and jars. Which would be used for products like Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Bromo-Seltzer,  Bromo-Caffeine,  Vick's Vapor-Rub, Noxzema, and other products. The trademark is a “M’ in a circle, which was used by the company from 1920’s throw 1960’s. The bottle is a Salamander oval shape, and has embossed on the bottom 23, trademark “M” and 72 and on both side of the bottle, there is emboss the words “Bayer Aspirin.”  There is not chips, scratches, fleabites, cracks, or stains on the bottle or in the bottle. The back label shows some wear and the lid has no rust on it. It is in excellent condition.

Dim. 1.5”x .75”x 2.625”H with top on


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