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Brass Matchbox Holder

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$ 39.95

     Here is a very rare Antique. This tabletop small matchbox holder is made of brass on the bottom part and the Scottish Terrier figurine is made of aluminum or pot metal. Pot metal refers to a base metal alloys used to manufacture costume jewelry that is not gold plated or silver-plated. However many metal figurines, table statues, or other metal objects was also made from pot metals. Pot metal resembles pewter and has an odder when exposed to the air and it is soft like lead. The dog was panted like the Scottish Terrier however there is a lot of areas that the paint has come off. The light reddish-brown you see is not rust but is paint, pot metals do not rust. The base looks like it is solid brass with a little bet of corrosion behind the dog. It looks like it has been dropped once; there is a small flat spot on the dog’s noise and above the left eye. This piece is very hard fine in good condition if you can find it at all. There are no maker’s marks on the item so maker is unknown.

Dimensions:  2.38”x 1.50”x 2”H 
Weight:  3lbs.

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