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Remote-Start with Keyless-Entry


$ 169.99

    This is an Rs3-G5 Cool-Start 1-way 4-button remote start and keyless entry system from the Crime Stopper Security Products, Inc.  It has an operating range that is about 1,500 ft. or more.   The 4-button transmitters allow you to get into your vehicle at the click of a button.  There is also additional aux output for window roll-up module or rear defroster and it is compatible with high-current and/or low-current vehicle ignition systems.  There is no trunk-pop button on the remote transmitter which makes ideal for pickup trucks or any vehicle that does not need trunk pop but will use the keyless entry and remote start functions.

Dimensions:  3”x 8”x 5”H
Weight:  1.60lbs.

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