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Cool Start Keyless-entry System


$ 169.99

     The RS4-G5 Cool Start 1-Way 5-Button Remote Start and Keyless Entry System from CrimeStopper Security Products is the manufacturer's most popular remote start system.  The brushed metal 5-button remote control has an operating range of 2000 ft. and has 31 programmable options.  It has a port for easy data module.  It gives you the added convenience of a full keyless entry system to make getting into your car a little easier as well as trunk pop so you can open your trunk at the click of a button. One of the best features of the RS4-G5 is that it can be completely converted into a two-way paging system without having to re-wire any of the harnesses. The RS4-G5 is compatible with gas, diesel and hybrid vehicles and also includes safety systems to make it compatible with manual transmission vehicles as well.

Dimensions:  6.8"x 4"x 5"H
Weight:  1.65 lbs.

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