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Day/Night Vision Backup Camera


$ 89.98

     Pyle has developed this PLCM36 unit with a 3.5'' slim TFT LCD, universal mounting monitor and has a rear-view night vision backup camera that mounts on the license plate. The monitor’s brightness is 200CD/M2 and a screen contrast ratio of 200:1. The monitor automatically switched to the license plate camera when you put the vehicle in reverse. The monitor has two video inputs ports and is compatible with PAL/NTSC. The camera will withstand temperature of -10 degrees. (50 Celsius). The camera has a video RCA 1.0 VPP output and a composite video at 750 HM along with a high-resolution 380TV lines. In addition, it has the PAL/NTSC slandered output. The image sensor is a OV7910 color CMOS with a 6mm by 92-degree lens and it has a low light illumination of 1.5LUX up to 1.2 ft.

Dimensions:  2.87”x 8.27”x 12.13”H
Weight:  1.24 lbs.

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