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Easy Trade VJC Fruit Jar

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$ 65.95

     Here is a 1893 fruit jar that was made by the Easy Trade VJC company. The JVC on the bottom of the jar stands for Vacuum Fruit Jar and the July 11, 1893 is the date the jar design was patented. It is not the patent number. The 5 on the bottom of the jar is unknown however most of the time it would stand for the design number or the location in which it was made. It is a 2-quart fruit jar that was mouth-blown in a three-piece cup bottom mold. This is determined by the lack of a seam going across the bottom of the jar and mouth-blown jars have a lot of bubbles in the glass. The purple coloring is because there was some lead in the sand mix that was used to make the jar and it was exposed to the sun for a long time. The more lead the darker the purple is and the softer the glass is. The top and the hold-down clips are gone. There is no chips, cracks, fleabites, or stains on the jar anywhere. It is in excellent condition for its age.

Dimensions: 4.50"x 4.50"x 6.50”H
Weight:  1.1lbs.

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