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Wireless Alarm 4-Digit Keypad

Wireless Alarm 4-Digit Keypad


$ 29.99

     Protect your home from intruders with the Ge wireless alarm with a programmable keypad. This simple-to-use alarm is easily mounts to a doorframe with either double-sided tape or screws. It features a 4-digit keypad that you can use to program your own code, which will activate and deactivate the alarm. It also features a chime mode, which will sound a short tone to announce visitors when the alarm is deactivate and the alarm will sounds when the door is opened. There is a delay feature that allows user to enter and leave without activating alarm and there is a low battery light indicator.

Dimensions 9”x 5.50”x 1.50”H
Weight:  0.52lbs.

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