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Hand Painted Lattice Edge Plate

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$ 25.95

     This plate was made in or about 1940’s it is a stamp pattern in which many plate have the same pattern. Therefore you can find the pattern easily however the plate was hand painting therefore making the plate one of a kind from a particular painter or artist. Each plate was painted by an artist and there are not two plate’s paining the same ever from the same artiest. The plate was made and decorated in Portugal in the early 1940’s or about that time period. The artiest would sing and number each plate before the last firing of the plate.   The edge pattern is a press out pattern and is referred to as “Lattice Edge.” There are two small chips on the edge of the plate as showed in the picture other than that the plate is in excellent condition with no other cracks or wear in the painting. This item is Ceramic.

Dimensions:  9.75”x 9.75"x 1”H
Weight:  2.75lbs.

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