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Hummingbird Haven Water Fountain

Cascading Fountains

$ 139.99

     There is only one word to describe this beautiful fountain and that is “Breathtaking.”  This stunning show of motion and light is sure to be the showpiece of your yard, both day and night.  The luminescent lights will illuminate the birds in a life glow as the sun goes down.  The AC/AC adaptor model has a power input of 120V AC at 60Hz and 150mA and an output of 12V AC at 500mA.  It is made of resin, metal, and plastic with natural river rocks.  What comes with the beautiful fountain is a Submersible pump and electrical adaptor and it is UL Recognized.

Dimensions:  11"x 10.50”x 22.25"H
Weight:   9.80lbs.


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