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Radio Interface for Mobil Devises

Radio Interface for Mobil Devises


$ 229.99

  •      This item is Isimple’s android for iPad, iPhone, iPod and other smartphones with factory radio interface and is for uses in 2003 - 2011 Honda, Acura vehicles. It has Bluetooth capability for wireless audio giving you hands-free calling with a hands-free microphone. It has interface reset switch and USB thumb drive support up to 32GB. In addition, it has full control for iPhone and basic control for other android. It works well with the 12v electoral system and has a 2.1a USB charging capability and has a aux input and comes with a 6-ft USB extension cable.

  • Dimensions:  3"x 6"x 8"H
  • Weight:  1.50lbs.
  • SR73013

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