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3-Port USB Power Charging Mount


$ 39.99

     Smartphones are used for virtually every aspect of our life and they need power.  With this universal three port USB mount is the perfect place to keep your device for use as a navigation device or quickly handle calls.  With The addition of three active USB charging ports will allow the user and passengers to charge their devices at the same time and the flexible mount gives the user multiple adjust position of their smartphone, to allow for the best access.  It has a total of 5.5a output and the holder head can rotation 360deg. in addition, it will hold mobile devices up to 6.5".  The mobile holder grips are lined with a high-quality rubberized material so it will not damage the mobile device.

Dimensions: 6.30"x 7.50"x 2.5"H
Weight: 0.75lbs.

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