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13watt Dual-Usb Solar Charger


$ 69.99

     The SOL-RX 13-watt dual USB solar charger by Iwerkz is a 13w dual-port fordable solar panel that is portable.  This solar charger will charger smartphones, tablets, external battery packs, GPS units, Bluetooth speakers, or any other mobile devises that have a rechargeable power cell.  Its 2-high-efficiency solar cells will provide 6.5w and 5v per solar cell giving a total of 13w of rechargeable power at a transfer rate of 22% at 5v to the USB-chargeable devices.  It features 2-high-efficiency solar cells that convert sunlight into energy that is storable power.  Therefore, you do not have to worry about looking for a power source to charge your mobile devises when you are at the park, job location, camping, etc.  The solar cells are water-resistant and there is a built-in stand.  There is dual ports for charging multiple devices at the same time.  What come in the box are the 44150 SOL-RX 13-watt dual-USB solar chargers is a micro USB to USB charging cable and a storage pouch.  It folded up for traveling which can be attached to your backpack. It charges your devices anywhere you go with the greenest energy available.

Dimensions:  8.50"x 7.50"x 6.50"H
Weight:  1.30lbs.

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