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Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard


$ 49.99

     Typing on a small smartphone device can be quite frustrating. But there is a solution! The Iwerkz waterproof Bluetooth folding keyboard takes care of the squint and strain. Not only is it compatible with a bevy of Bluetooth-enabled devices, its protective case doubles as a stand for smartphones and/or tablet.  This portable keyboard is Android™ and IOS™ compatible when it is paired with Bluetooth®-enabled tablets and smartphones.  It can also be use with iPhone® 6/6s and iPhone® 6 5.5" plus/6s plus.  The case is design to be waterproof and dustproof to protect the keyboard when not in use.  It is powered with a rechargeable lithium battery, when fully charge will have 46-hour of run time and over 30-day standby capacity.  What come in the box are keyboard, keyboard case, micro, and a USB cable.

Dimensions:  9.40"x 6"x 1.50"H
Weight:  0.60lbs.

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