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Japanese Geisha Sake Cups

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$ 35.95

     This is a set of 3 antique hand painted Porcelain Sake cups that were made in Japan. Each of these cups were intricately hand painted and are each unique. There are no cracks, chips, fleabites, or stains on two of the Sake cups. (The two cups that have the Geisha that look like) However, the oddball Sake cup has 7 fleabites on the top rim (too small to show up in photos) other than that it has no cracks or stains. They have a ruffled top edge with gold on the ruffles. The beautiful landscape has gold term throughout the landscape.  They were made around1898.

Dimensions:  2.88"x 2.88”x 1.5"H
Weight:  4.20lbs.

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