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Model 124 Inside Micrometer Set

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$ 149.95

     This is a L.S. Starrett Co. inside micrometer set made in Athol, Mass. It is model no. 124 and is capable to measure from 2” to 32”. The set came from an estate sale. There is 20 pieces in the set however, it looks like there a two extra pieces one being an extra micrometer head and one extra sold rod. It still has the little wrench with it. I did not see any rust on the set at all. It is in good working condition with no damage of any kind on any of the parts. The case has a felt like lining inside which is not damage. The hinges and latches work find with no problems. The outside of the case has some damages to it. It is in very good contention of its age and could be used in a shop if someone wants to use it for that and not as a antique item.

Dimensions:  15”x 6”x 1.13"H Case
Weight:  5.13lbs.

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