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Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Player


$ 69.98

     Pirates of The Caribbean DVD Player features on-screen display, user setup menu, chapter and time search, audio language selection, subtitle selection, and multi-angle and zoom. It is compatible with DVD video and CD audio along with supporting CD, CDR, and CDRW playback and plays picture CD, DVDR, DVDRW. It has Dolby digital (AC3) audio output, TV guardian, which will automatically filters offensive language from the programs while you are watching the DVD. (Subscription required) It also has a fully function remote control. Some of the other features are connection jack for coaxial digital audio output, YUV or progressive scan output selectable, s-video output, composite video output, 2 channel audio output, and is powered by AC input 120v 60 MHz.

Dimension:  8.60"x 6.25"x 11.30"H
Weight:  7lbs.

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