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Refillable Purse Perfume Bottle

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$ 9.95

     Here is a late 19th century or early 20th century refillable purse perfume bottle that was mouth blow in a three part mold. There are no maker’s marks on the bottle. There is a “71” on the neck of the bottle which I think is the pattern number. Age was determined by the bubbles in the glass and other imperfection in the glass. I believe at one time there was a sterling silver top or cap. The shape of the bottle is referred to as “teardrop or raindrop” the pattern or design was used by a number of glass companies from mid-19th century to about the 1930’s. It is a used bottle. There are a number of fleabites on the body of the bottle.  However,  the neck of the bottle and opening of the bottle are fine no problems. There is what looks like stains however I think it is just dirty. I tried to clean it with no luck. Other than that it is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, nicks, repairs, or stains.

Dimensions:  1.75”x 1.75"x 3.50”H
Weight:  0.30lbs

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