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SpongeBob Treasure Chest Radio

SpongeBob Treasure Chest Radio


$ 59.98

     This SpongeBob square pants clock radio is sure to get landlubbers, pirates, and sailors alike up out of their beds each morning. The Nickelodeon's SpongeBob the pirated sits atop of a brown and green treasure chest clock radio. This clock radio from nickelodeon features a large .09" led display and you will wake up to your favorite AM or FM radio station or a buzzer. It has a snooze button that will provide you with much needed extra few minutes to wake up. It is AC powered and has a 9-volt battery backup for the clock. The battery is not included with the radio. SpongeBob fans will love this AM/FM alarm clock radio that featuring the gleeful face of SpongeBob square pants.

Dimensions:12.60"x 7.90"x 6.90"H
Weight:  4lbs.

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