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High-performance Laser/Radar


$ 479.99 $ 429.99

     This detector features dot matrix display, exclusive radar, and laser ID signature, a high-performance antenna and a modular design. The laser/radar detector responds to virtually all types of radar currently used by law enforcement today. It also has detects pop mode and radar and laser transmission. It has three city modes, four filter modes, and it reduces false alerts. The Whistler Pro 3600 detector has laser Atlanta stealth mode, which makes your vehicle immune to the laser Atlanta gun. The remote radar detector is also invisible from VG-2. You can control the 4 display-brightness, the 2 signal strength options, selectable bands, 3 city modes, quiet/auto quiet modes, KA max mode, 4 filter modes,  pop  mode detection, real voice module, the tri-colored led and the security-alert mode which provides the user selectable choice of color for alerting and a blinking red light for theft deterrent when the unit is off. It will detect laser signature and laser identifier by indicating pulses per second transmitted by speed laser or other forms of laser sources. It can inform you of outdoor-temperature and it has a battery-voltage meter. Or you can set it to vehicle battery saver. There are 3 aux ports it is recommended to have it professional installation. What comes in the box is 1- Whistler Pro 3600 detector, voice module, antenna, control panel, interface box; alert/security led and interface cable.

Dimensions:  9"x 6.70"x 3"H
Weight:  2.20lbs.

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