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Williams Brillantine Bottle

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$ 22.00

     This is a hand blown in a mold and the top is hand tooled. The bottle has embossed “Williams Brillantine” on one side, which was made by the J.B.Williams Co. in Glastonbury, Ct. Brilliantine was to soften men's hair, including beards and moustaches, and give it a glossy, well-groomed appearance. It was created at the turn of the century by French perfumer Edouard Pinaud. He presented the product, he called Brillantine at the 1900 Exposition Universally in Paris. It consisted of a perfumed oily colored liquid. This bottle shows all of the evidence that it was made at that time pried with the air bubbles and imperfections. The bottle has a slight purple haze and that is because the sand used to make the bottle had a little bite of lead in it. There are no cracks, chips, scratches, or fleabites any were on the bottle however there is a little bit of dirt stain on the inside. It is in excellent mint condition.

Measurements:  . 2”Dia. x 3.75”


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