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Wireless FM Display Transmitter


$ 29.98

     This is a wireless FM transmitter with a 1.4” display screen from the Supersonic Company.  The screen will display the name of song and what level the volume is at.  It supports USB and SD card up to 16GB.  The built-in FM transmitter range from 87.5MHz to 108MHz and supports 7 EQ modes along with providing a display of the paling track, next track, and volume adjust, frequency selection, and a play and pause buttons.  It will play mp3’s WMA files for most mp3 player and other audio device that will connect to the auxiliary input jack port with the SDMMC card or a USB flash devise.  The rotating joint design makes it conveniently to adjust the FM transmitter to give you a clear view of the screen.  It can be used with 12v-24v voltage power input.   When on the road it will give you  hands-free driving while you listen to your favorite songs and it comes with remote control.

Dimensions:   2.60"x 5.90"x 7.30"H 
Weight:   1.0 lbs.

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