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     America’s love affair with the automobile has lasted for over a century and the automobile is one of America’s prized possessions.  In the late thirty after the depression and in the early forties before WW II, just having a car was the big thing.  In the fifties it was the Rat Rods ugly looking top performers.  In the sixties and early seventies it was the Muscle Cars nice body, paint job and top performers. In the late seventies and eighties it was the Economy cars because of the gas shortage and now it is the Hybrid cars. The automobiles from the sixties, seventies, and eighties was equipped with the bare minimum of accessories or also known as stander equipment which was not good enough for some drivers.  The old car's stander equipment was a, in-dash AM radio with one speaker.  The drivers reaction to this was, “out with old - in with the new” stereo system, security system, more exterior lighting, graphics, new paint job, etc.  It does not matter if it was a new automobile just off the showroom floor or a young person buying a ten year old car for the first time.  The point is the love affair with the automobile has no signs of stopping or letting-up any time in the near future and the drives wants his/her ride to fit his/her personality and style.
     These days it is all about the individuality it is all about you. The Automotive industry started look at what the public was doing to their automobiles and started to copy-cat the driving public.  That was the end of the one speaker and only AM radios.  Automobiles started come off the assembly line with, better stereo’s system that has more capabilities and four speaker systems, security systems, and so on which now is called stander equipment on new automobiles.   However, that still was not good enough for the driving public and the driving public wanted more, they wanted customizing automobiles which the automotive manufactures could not do.  The public wanted car that fit their personality and styles.  Great Deals Webstore understand this and is here to help you make your automobile fit your needs, your desires, and/or your style with a line of automotive accessories like stereos with multiple features, security systems to fit your budget, car video players, GPS equipment, exterior light systems, and other automotive accessories to make your car a part of your lifestyle and your personality.

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