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     The definition for antiques has a wide range of definitions, which making it difficult to determine what is an antique or what is not an antique. When looking for a definition for antique, the most common definitions that can be found are:
  1. The U.S. Customs law defines an antique as ~ "an antique is defined as a material item that was made at least 100 years ago and can be proven with documents that it is at lest 100 years old or older."
  2. It has also been defined as ~ an antique is based upon a number of years, such as 80 to 100 years old.  OR
  3. A piece of furniture, tableware, or similar items made in an earlier period of time that is not of the present time.  (like Art Deco era, Depression era, Occupied Japans era)  OR
  4. Something made in an earlier period of time that is collected and considered to have some value because of its beauty, rarity, age, or high quality.
     With a wide range of definitions for antiques, an antique could be something that was made from the start of time to last year. Using the first two definition above, in the antique field, the antiques would have had to be manufactured on or before 1915 (100 years from 2016) or in 1935 (80 years from 2016) which would mean that most old items are just that, "OLD". Most people in the antique field would not be happy with the 80 or 100 year time limitations.  Therefore, in the antique field, it seems like most Antique Dealers would prefer to us the third or fourth definition for antiques.  Using the third definition for antiques gives a person a timeline to work with, like Art Deco era, Depression, era, or Occupied Japan era.  Using the fourth definition for antiques is too vague of a definition; it could mean that anything that was made last year to the start of time could be an antique.
  • Great Deals Webstore limits the time to 50 years or older to be an antiques.  Therefore an item must have been made before Dec. 31, 1966 to be an antique.  Anything that was made from Jan. 1, 1967 to Dec.31, 1987 is a collectibles, not an antique.  Anything that is made from Jan. 1, 1988 to the present time is just “OLD” and needs more time.
  •  All antique photos are coped to give the best detailed view of the item for selling purposes, not for deception. 
  •  I do look for dates and information for every item that is for sale in my Web store.  However it is not uncommon to find no information or date or find  just a little bit of information for some items.

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