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     Easy to use and helpful for those stuffier rooms, portable fans add that bit of breeze you need inside. Keeping ourselves cool is a main concern in hot humid weather. Great Deals Webstore will help you to achieve that with our line of fans for both the office and home. Weather your just circulating air around the room or just keeping cool at your desk, our line of tabletop and desktop fans is just right for the office or home environment. There are four main types of fans for the home or office and they are:
  • BOX FANS = are as the name suggests, fan blades encased in a box covering.
  • DESKTOP FANS = work well for small rooms or temporary relief. The fan itself sits atop a stable foundation like a tabletop or desktop.
  • PEDESTAL FANS = rest on the floor, and stand tall, usually four to five feet high.
  • TOWER FANS = they are a tall cylinder like shape and are free standing.
The Portable Fan Features are:
  • SPEED SETTINGS = are more and more common in portable fans with two to four speed settings.
  • OSCILLATION = when the fan rotates from side to side to extended airflow.
  • CONTROLS = Many portable fans come with remote control options and/or extremely easy to use button panels.