Unlike antiques, collectibles are easier to define which is, “a collectible is an item or items that has no value now but in time may have a value” if someone takes the time to collect it. In fact, even cardboard cereal boxes, old bottle caps, and mint tins are considered collectible because there are people who value these items enough to purchase them. It was asked at one time, “What will be an antiques in the future?” and the answer that was given, “The everyday run of the mill items that everyone throw away today.” therefore just about anything can be considered collectible and may become an antiques in the future, if not everyone save it. Unlike antiques, there is no real time distinction on collectibles. A person can start a collection today and hope it has any value in the future. However, on this web site we use time limit on things so we are not trying to sale junk that will not have a value in the future. Therefore, if an item was made after 1965 and is at least 25 years old and there is a market for the items then it will be classify as a collectible. So people use age and others use the kitsch factor to separate antiques from collectibles.