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Pyrex Loaf Pan Baking Dish

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$ 39.95

     This is a Pyrex loaf pan baking dish model number 213 and mold number A-41 with basket that was made in the early 50s. It is a 1½ qt. loaf pan baking dish in which the model number had change from 212 to 213 in the early 1950s. The Updated loaf pans did not arrive until 1953, and they, also returned to the deeper and narrower proportions of the pre-1940s loaf pans. At which time the handles was add to the loaf pan and the handles are perfectly flat on the top.  The serving basket came with the loaf pan as an accessory I think. There is no chips or cracks in the loaf pan. However, it has been used. There are scratch on the inside of the pan on the bottom. The basket looks like it is in excellent shape. They fit together beautifully which is why I think it was accessory and both where bought together.

Pyrex:  10"x 5"x 3"H
Basket:  11"x 6"x 2.75"H
Weight:  4lbs.

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