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Religious Jesus and Mary Plate

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$ 34.95

      This is a mid-40's to late 40’s Jesus Christ and Saint Mary ceramic plates in amazing condition. The hallmark on the back is not to be confused with the Crest-O-Gold plate’s series that came later which was also oven proof, which these plates are not. The warranted 22k stands for the gold on the plate that is warranted for a period consisting usually of 20 years before the gold would wear through. These plates are decorative plates and were not meant for everyday tableware. There is some damage to the 70-year-old plates. The Jesus plate has a chip at the top and one hairline crack at about 8 o’clock location and the Mary plate has a hairline crack at the 4 o’clock location and no chips on the Mary’s plate. There was no gold on the Jesus plate rim however, there is gold on the Mary plate on the rim that shows some wear. Could not find any plates like these plates but could find plates with the same pictures and the back stamp has Crest-O-Gold on them.

Dimensions:  7.25"x 7.25"x 0.75"H
Weight:  7.20 lbs.

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