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1966 Pepsi-Cola Bottles

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$ 44.95

     This is a very rear find, two PEPSI-COLE bottles with the crown top, or crown cap finish that was, produced by the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. in 1969. One bottle was, made at the Portland Oregon plant and the other was, made at the Los Angles California plane. The markings on the bottom is a “I” in a circle to the left of that mark is the number21 which stands for Portland and on the other bottle is 23 which stands for Los Angeles, too the right of the mark is 69 (on bother) which is the year it was made. There is another number which is 18821-GK which I think is the casting mold number. There are also the words “NOT TO BE REFILLED.” On the sides of the bottles is “PEPSI and PEPSI-COLA” along with “10 FL OZ” and “NO RETURN.” There are no cracks, chips, scratches or stains on the bottles and both bottles are in excellent condition.

Dimensions:  2.25”x 2.25"x 7.75”H
Weight:  3lbs.

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