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1969 Fresca Bottle

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$ 11.95

     Was walking in the wood one day and found four old bottles in an old trash pile. Here is a 10oz. Fresca bottles with the crown top, or crown cap finish that was, produced by the Industrial Glass Co. in 1969 for the Coco-Cola Company. The marking on the bottom is a plane “I.” the Industrial Glass Company used the “I” marking from 1892 to 1969 at which time they stopped using the “I.” the makings on the bottom of the bottle are “9.AA, L, and “NOT TO BE REFILLED.” On the side at the very top is the words “NO RETURN” and below that is “FRESCA and below that is “TRADE MARK” (with a circle R). On one side there is a circle within a circle and the center circle has “FF” and the outer circle is the words “A PRODUCT OF THE COCO COLA COMPANY” and on the other side of the bottle in a circle is the words:

TRADE-MARK (circle R)
10 fl oz

There are no cracks, chips, scratches or stains on the bottle and the bottle is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: 2.13"x 2.13:x 7.75”H
Weight:  2.90 lbs.
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