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ACCO Helicoid Gage 1515A

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$ 39.95

     This is a used Acco Helicoid Pressure Gauge; Model 1515A rated at 0-600 psi. and it is made by Acco Helicoid Gage company. It is a 4 1/5   W-600-5lb. SUBD   1515A gauge and has a pointer adjustment in the back, and is house in a cast iron case. This vintage gauge came from the Bunker Hill Smelter in Kellogg, Idaho, which is in Idaho’s panhandle. Could not find a date for this gauge however the Bunker Hill smelter complex went out of business in 1981 because low sliver prices and other finical problems which the company had for decades prior to closing the doors to the smelter in 1981. The fact that a date could not be found for this gauge it is being sold as a collectable and not an antique. However, I do believe it is an antique

Measurements:   4 7/8”Top Dia. x 5 3/4” Base Dia. x 2 1/4”H


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