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Amethyst Color Jar and Lid

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     There are no maker’s marks on the jar or lid, which would make it easier to identify the age of the jar and lid. The jar is mouth blown, which is determined by the bubbles in the jar which is common for mouth blown glass of the early 20th century and later. The lid has bubbles as well along with ripples, mold seams, and other imperfections, which is a common trait of glass in the 1910’s to 1920’s. The color is a deeper purple then what lead glass will turn in time, giving the indication that it is amethyst glass. It has a lot of fleabites, scratches, and two chips (on the lid only) which would indicate it has been around for a long time and has had heavy use thought the early years. I would guess that it was made about 1910, give or take five years. Taking into consideration that it was used heavily and all of the scratches and fleabites on the jar and lid, it is in very good condition. It could have been used by Apothecary, Pharmacy, or Drugstore candy jar, which would explain the nicks, scratches, and fleabites. I could not find anything like it with all of my searching. It is one of a kind or very few survived throughout the years to this date, which makes it very rare.
4.25”x 4.25”x 6”H
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Shipping Size:
6”x 6”x 6”H
1.45 lbs.
Main Material:
Shipping Weight:
2.31 lbs.
Load Capacity:     
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