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Apothecary-Pharmacy Bottle 3

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$ 70.00

     Here is a1900s to 1920s Apothecary-Pharmacy aqua green bottle with a ground top and stopper.  The bottle was mouth-blow using a three-piece mold known as a cup-bottom mold.  There is an embossed shield with a “G” inside the shield and the number “3” on the base and the shield is known as a Gina Shield.  The manufacturer is unknown.  The bubbles in the glass date it to the late 19th century, to the early 20th century and the lack of mold seams on the bottom of the bottle indicate that it was mouth-blow in at cup-mold.  These type of bottles where used for many types of liquid products like ammonia or other cleaning products, acids and chemicals of all types.  They were used by in Lab and by Druggist for the most part.
11.5” without stopper x 12.5” with stopper x 5.25”dia.
Weight:  3lb.

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