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Art Deco Art Ware Porcelain Dresser Box

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$ 29.95

     This is a late 30s or early 40s Art Deco art ware porcelain dresser box with handmade roses on top of the lid with a matching dish. At first, I thought it was a Johannes Brahm California pottery rose box. However, on examining the box closely there are some problems with it being made by Johannes Brahm California. One is the shape of the box, two there is no makers mark on the bottom of the box, three there is no rose leaves underneath the flowers. Things that match the Johannes Brahm California are the color, rose design, and the small matching dish. The time was identified by the fact that when I was a child I would see the box on my grandparent’s bedroom dresser with jewelry inside and that was in the early 50s. Therefore, the age of the boxes is correct and it is also an Art Deco design. The maker is unknown and the shape is also unknown I could not find the shape anywhere in my research on the box. One rose petal has a peace broken off and lost in time and the dish has one little chip on it. Other than that, it is in excellent contention. It is a very rare find. There may not be another one like it or I could not find another one like it anywhere.
Box:  6.25”x 4.50”x 4”H with lid on
Dish:  5”x 3”x 0.50”H
Box:  1.10 lbs.
Dish:  0.20 lbs.
Total Weight: 1.30 lbs.
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