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Dirilyte Deep Serving Plate

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$ 49.95

     Dirilyte was, developed around the 1900 in Sweden, where it was originally called Dirigold. The metal alloy, which the dinnerware was, made of, was, invented in 1914. To avoid the suspicion of false advertising, the company changed the name to Dirilyte in 1935, when the company set up an American factory in Indiana. The changing of the name to Dirilyte was so it would not, mislead the public into thinking there was any gold content. Dirilyte appears to be gold plated but it is actually an alloy of a few metals, including bronze. They made Dirilyte products in this country from 1936 to 1986 when the company closed its doors. (Some products where made of porcelain) Dirilyte was a very popular choice of dinnerware during the 1940 and 1950. My Grandparents bought the set in 1935 or 1936 and it was extremely expensive to purchase. However, recently the dinnerware and flatware is steadily becoming more desirable to collectors. The flatware is easy to find however, the dinnerware plates and serving piece like this deep dish and décor piece are hard to find. This design is, called the “Regal” pattern, which was, made from 1926 to1936.

Dimensions:  12”x 10.13”x 1.25”H
Weight:  1.14lbs.

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