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Folk Art Creamer

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$ 14.95

     This creamer is from 1968 and could be referred to as Folk Art. Folk Art is a different form of art then traditional art in the way that it was never intended to be traditional art, at the time of it was made. Most of the time Folk Art was handcrafted by one person to fill a need and it maybe just one item. It would be things like a child’s toy, a store sign, homemade dress, pottery, clay sculptures, etc. It would be make from anything like cloth, wood, paper, clay, metal, or other materials. The creator would us any material that they had on hand at the time. This Folk Art creamer was made in 1968 and has the initials “K M” (which I believe is the creator initials) and the year engraved on the bottom. The makes on the bottom where done when the clay was still wet before the first firing of the creamer. The top color is hand painted on tops of the glaze finish.

Spout to Handle 5”
Body:  4.25”x 4.25"
High:  4”
Weight:  0.80 lbs.

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