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Handcrafted Sold Copper Dish

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$ 24.99

     This copper dish was made in the mid-50s. The dish may have Mexico origin or southwestern Native American origin. My grandfather work on the Navajo Indian reservation in that part of the country. I can just say it has been in the family from the mid-1950 up to now. The pattern looks like more like Mexico design not native America design. There is no makers mark on the dish, which is not uncommon for items that were bought in Mexico and brought into the United States. In 1891 is when legislation was pass into law that anything coming in to this country for resale must have on it country of origin. If this dish came, from Mexico, then it was brought in Mexico and then brought into the United States buy a tourist, then the 1891 law did not apply to this dish because it was not shipped to the States for resale.

Measurements: 6.25” Dam. X .50”H


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